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barrack n : a building used to house military personnel


1 lodge in barracks
2 urge on or encourage especially by shouts; "The crowd cheered the demonstrating strikers" [syn: cheer, inspire, urge, urge on, exhort, pep up]
3 laugh at with contempt and derision; "The crowd jeered at the speaker" [syn: jeer, scoff, flout, gibe]

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Etymology 1


French baraque; from Italian baracca; from Late Latin barra bar. See Bar


  1. A building for soldiers, especially when in garrison. Commonly in the plural, originally meaning temporary huts, but now usually applied to a permanent structure or set of buildings.
    • He lodged in a miserable hut or barrack, composed of dry branches and thatched with straw. - Gibbon.
  2. (local, U.S.) A movable roof sliding on four posts, to cover hay, straw, etc.
  3. (Ireland,colloquial, usually plural) the police station.
a building for soldiers
  • Finnish: kasarmi
  • French: caserne
  • Kurdish:
  • Polish: koszary (pl.)
  • Russian: казарма

Etymology 2



  1. To house military personnel; to quarter
  2. In the context of "Australian English|New Zealand English": to cheer on a team etc
  3. to jeer

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